TAG McLaren PA10

TAG McLaren PA10
Audiophile-Grade Class A Pre-amplifier _______________Τιμή:  Τηλ.

Pre Amplifier PA10 Key Features

Digitally-controlled muting
Separate headphone amplifier
Gold-plated phono connectors
Dual low-impedance stereo outputs
Phono inputs for mc and mm cartridges
Discrete-component Class A electronics
Five line level inputs and three tape loops
Proprietary Sorbothane® sonic isolation feet
Ability to record one input while listening to another

Technical Specifications

line input impedance: 30 kW nominal
line input level: 175 mV rms (relative to 0.5 V output)
signal to noise (line level): greater than 92 dB (relative to 0.5 V ouput)
phono input impedence: mm 47 kW/85pF nominal / mc 100 W/3.3 nF nominal
phono input level: mm 3.5 mV rms (relative to 0.5 V output) / mc 175 mV rms (relative to 0.5 V output
phono input signal to noise: mm greater than 81 dB (relative to 0.5 V output) / mc greater than 77 dB (relative to 0.5 V output)