CD Player____________________Τιμή:  Τηλ.

Disc format: CD
Digital converter: WM8741, 24-bit Delta Sigma
CD Mechanism: KSS-213CL
Frequency response: 0.3Hz to 20kHz
Signal to Noise Ratio: 109dB
Total harmonic distortion: 0.002%
Line output: 2.3V
Digital outputs: coaxial, optical
Dimensions: 430 x 290 x 85mm
Weight: 5.1kg

Digital to Analogue System
Latest Wolfson 8741 DACs operating in differential mode
Output stage design derived from range topping FMJ AV9 processor
High precision clock with individually buffered clock outputs
Anti clipping processing to prevent distortion from CDs with very high output level

Two pairs of RCA phono outputs for multi room use or direct recording
Coax (phono) and optical (Toslink) digital outputs

Power supply
Toroid mains transformer
Separate, high capacity power supplies for analogue, servo and digital sections
Each supply individually regulated
Separate ground returns (“Star” earth) for each power supply to prevent inter-stage noise
Switchable mains power inlet 110-120v / 220-240v