CD Player____________________Τιμή:  Τηλ.

DAC design

Quad Wolfson WM8740 Dacs on a four-layer fibreglass board using analogue averaging greatly increases linearity and reduce distortion
Upsampling technology to 192kHz at 24-bit resolution allows the use of very high frequency analogue output filtering for improved phase and frequency response giving superb detail and sonic reality
High stability 3rd overtone clock oscillator for ultra low jitter, improving stereo image and soundstage
High quality ceramic capacitors improve de-coupling of high frequency signals, reducing electrical noise within the player’s circuitry

Mechanical design

Four-layer main board & display board using extra layers to ensure very low digital noise and eliminate most of the degradation caused by interference
RF screening greatly reduces the Radio Frequency Inference (RFI) within the sensitive circuit paths giving a playback that is refined and controlled during all occasions
Chassis treated with Accousteel damping, which eradicates mechanical interaction with the listening room or CD drive mechanism

Power supply design

Dual toroidal mains transformers supplying DAC circuitry and controller sections. This allows complete separation of transport electrical noise from the sensitive DAC electronics
Further power regulation using 10 separate regulated power supplies powering different sections of the CD36
Mechanical shielding protects susceptible circuit boards from any residual magnetic fields the transformers may emit


Power consumption (max) 32VA
Size 430W x 290D x 85H mm inc. feet
Weight (net) 6.5kg